About us

LightWk is a missions-group that focuses on Christ’s command of evangelism and employs art as an alternative to rural & urban missions, viz.; music, and visual arts.

LightWk is a double entendre for Light Walk/Light Work; a walk in the light of Christ and the light burden (work) of Christ. A “walk” first before “work” – in that order.

LightWk is poised to do the following through the arts;

  • Go on missions
  • Promote missions
  • Raise and train missionaries


LightWk will become an effective & efficient group associated with raising young urban/artistic missionaries and promoting missions.


LightWk will deploy media and technology to raise young missionaries and promote missions.


LightWk will

  • Use the arts effectively for missions, through displays & promotion
  • Raise and train arts-inclined missionaries

Core Values

LightWk, as an organization, places emphases on the following values;

  • Love – Missions is centered on love; reaching out as Christ reached out. So all our activities and content will be inspired by the love of Christ. Our mantra, our essence.
  • Excellence – A simple way to attract attention to Christ is through excellence in delivery. So all metrics will be deployed to ensure that at all times our activities and content exude excellence.
  • Accountability – Seeing that we garner support from well-meaning humans, we will ensure strict adherence to documenting and reporting our activities, financial and non-financial.