We exist for God

By Audu Yakubu

On May 25, 2021

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

In serving God, there are two categories of people, those who live for God and those who want God to live for them, those who live for God constantly focus on God, while those who want God to live for them, focus on themselves; that is, they always see God as a means to an end. The entirety of their prayer life’s center on me, myself, and I. God is never a means to an end but an end in himself. Which category do you belong to? It is necessary you pause and answer this question, in case you are battling on how to answer this, here is a simple test for you. Carefully examine your priority. (Where your heart is and what your heart constantly desires), what did you notice? Is your priority centered on God or yourself? You have to be very sincere in answering these questions.

Biblically, the self is regarded as the natural man, and the heart of a natural man is desperately wicked. Daily, man sort to deify the self and in their quest to glorify themselves, it is evident that all the pleasurable enterprise in the world cannot slake their lust. The incapacitation for material things to satisfy his heart reinforce his needs for primitive accumulation. He keeps going for more and more until he finds nothing at the end of his pursuit. His hustle becomes a mere struggle, his accumulation of wealth becomes a burden, and his joy is being taken away. The quest for a better living has actually become an unanswered question to him not necessarily because there is no answer but because of his own definition of a better way to live. 

It is quite unfortunate that man could not accurately mirror God as He is, instead of God, man sort for the other things that were graciously provided unto him. Instead of thanking God, he constantly thinks self (things). Interestingly, those things that man sort to deify were created by God; everything that was made was made through him and by him including man. God's love never fails. God is not a money doubler neither He is an ATM as tagged by many and is currently being taught by many preachers. He is the I AM. We are created for him and for his pleasure. Before God created man he first creates the basic need for man. All man needs to do is not just to cling to those things but to focus on God and never get distracted by his things as his things are naturally his. Those things are never earned by struggles they are some additional things to a man. But why would man seek to go after what is his than the creator himself? What a confusing situation.

Jesus in Mathew 6:33, suggests a better solution to the whole matter, the equation is to seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you. The missing link is that man replaces God with what God graciously gives. A better way to live is to seek God first and nothing but God. Man’s will can be made perfect in the will of God. Man needs to totally submit his will in the will of God. It is imperative to note these; God always desires a better life for us more than how we clamor for it. Let God be your drive, let him be your motivation in everything you set to do. Let God be the center of your decision. Indeed, a better way to live is to live for God and not for self.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure, they are and were created. Revelation 4:11, KJV

About The Author

Audu Yakubu is a writer and a graduate of Geomatics Engineering. He's the Human resource manager at LightWk.