Is Pain Part of The Christian’s Walk?

By Victor Words Meshak

On Oct 12, 2020

Through history, man has tried to understand the experience of pain. Many have tried to come up with different ways of either coping or dealing with it or eradicating it even. Some have wandered away from faith in God because they were unable to fathom the mystery surrounding the presence of pain in their lives. Some have become worse off than they were prior to their experience of pain yet have not been able to come up with a remedy for pain.

As humans, we all encounter pain at one point or the other and we also respond to it differently. While for some, pain led to finding purpose and God, for others, it led them to deny the presence and existence of God.

Some people resort to taking drugs or liquor in their bid to cope with pain. Others resort to adulterous affairs as a coping mechanism. Some even go on to commit suicide simply because they could not handle pain. Whatever action one resorts to as a remedy to pain, it never takes the pain away.

Can we truly live without pain? Certainly no. Pain is part of life, it is an integral part of the human experience. The rich and the poor, the good, the bad, the beautiful and handsome e.t.c., non is immune to pain.

It is an ingredient of life, you must experience it in this journey of life. Pain comes to all, for a believer, the trouble of pain is evidently on our flesh, it can be emotional or physical. Whichever way, the Apostle Paul in Second Corinthians 4:16 & 17 reminds us that "... though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an external glory that far outweighs them all".

Indeed, the Apostle is bringing this fact to every believer, new or old that pain is part of the faith walk, pain is intended to remind Christians that this world is not our final destination. Like T D Jakes admonished thus, the presence of storm did not mean the absence of God, hence, we use faith not emotions to navigate through the storm.


Why the pains? Does God allow pains to make us suffer? Does it mean that God is wicked to allow us get entangled in pains? Certainly no.

In God’s scheme of things, pain has purpose and God does not waste pain. One of the reason why God permits pain in the human experience is for chastening/disciplining people. Simply put, for correction (Job 33:19).

One of the many purposes of pain is to remind us that we are vulnerable, finite and of our state of dependency upon a sovereign God. Thus, God is aware of every one of our pains, sufferings and agony. In Matthew 28:28 Jesus Christ promised to always be with us, in every situation or condition till the end of time.

We can also use pain as a barometer to check the spiritual health of the church. ‘’If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad.’’ We can tell something of the health of the church by the way it responds to the hurting, the helpless, the broken and impoverished.

Nobody has the solution to pain, however our condition of faith and heart in God helps us to go through this pain with hope that God who is bigger than any situation is in charge of our lives. Christians are not free from pains, being born again does not mean we have an automatic immunity against pain.

Hence pain is part of the walk. Pain can also serve as to reveal the content of our hearts. It gives us the opportunity to show that we love God not only in fair seasons but also through difficulties.

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